Welcome to the Practical Pet Protocol! 

The Practical Pet Protocol is a way to make obedience functional for the average family.

The Practical Pet Protocol is a step beyond the average dog training class; it is a functional method for using basic obedience to prevent dog behavior problems at home! It is designed and implemented by professional dog behavior trainers – trainers who resolve dog behavior problems like aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and poor manners on a full-time basis.

Why group training classes?

Practical Pet Protocol functional obedience classCanine Trade Group trainers realized that over half of the dog owners who seek our help for behavior issues had already gone through some kind of group training classes. Knowing how dog behavior problems develop, we realized that many of these issues could have been prevented if the owners had only been given the right information.

What’s missing from the average group training class is not obedience commands (most of the dogs we work with already know their commands!), it’s how to use those commands. After all, what good is a “down” if you don’t know how to use that to teach your dog good behavior?

Here’s what sets the Practical Pet Protocol training classes above the rest: 

  • You and your dog will learn all of the basic obedience commands, including: sit, down, heel, stay, come, and place.
  • Better yet, you’ll learn how and when to use these commands! You’ll learn our time-tested approach to preventing behavior problems before they begin.
  • You’ll learn how to set your dog up to be successful in high-value situations.
  • We’ll teach you how behavior problems develop, so you’ll know what to be aware of as time goes on. We’ll also explain how dogs learn, and how popular training methods work.
  • All Practical Pet Protocol classes are taught by full-time, professional dog behavior trainers who are qualified to work with severe behavior cases – not by a minimum wage dog trainer “certified” through a big box retailer.
  • You’ll receive a 50+ page training manual for long-term reference, and you’ll receive a free download to our mobile app which will help you and your dog practice what you’ve learned.
  • Dogs must be 6 months or older to attend the Practical Pet Protocol Group Classes
  • No aggressive dogs (leash, dog, human, food, etc.) 

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