The Practical Pet Protocol group training classes are intended to be a step above the average dog obedience class. Yes, we’ll teach basic obedience commands, but we’ll also teach you about dog behavior, help you develop the right kind of relationship with your dog, and teach you how to put these new obedience skills to good use!

Learn about dog behavior

Learn more than just how to sit!

Learn more than just how to sit!

During our first class, we’ll cover a LOT of information about dog behavior and canine learning theories. You’ll also receive all this information in a 40+ page book for future reference.

Our goal is to give you a solid background on how dog behavior problems develop. This information makes it easier to see why we do what we do to prevent behavior problems from developing in the first place! You’ll apply this knowledge throughout the rest of your dog-owning life.

Enhance your relationship with your dog

What exactly is a positive relationship with your dog? From you dog’s point of view, is being a human treat dispenser a “positive” thing? Is being an emotionally-removed dictator a “positive” thing?

We aim to teach you what really counts in your relationship with your dog… and not what counts from our human perspective, but from your dog’s perspective!

When you develop the right relationship with your dog, you’ll have the foundation necessary to help guide him through situations that might provoke undesired behaviors. He learns to trust you, and so he is much more receptive to your guidance; you, in turn, begin to trust him to make better choices.

Put dog obedience skills to good use

Obedience commands mean nothing – literally NOTHING – unless you know how to use them! What good is the “down” command if it doesn’t help you improve your dog’s behavior, right?

Our Practical Pet Protocol group training classes don’t just teach commands, they also teach you our approach to changing dog behavior. You’ll learn how to use these commands to set your dog up for success, and to develop good behavior patterns.  Again, this is information you’ll use to train every dog you’ll ever have!

The sad truth is that most of our in-home dog training clients have already been through one or more group classes, yet they still need to hire a professional dog trainer to help with their dog’s behavior issues. There is something missing in the average group class – we aim to fill that gap so that you don’t have to hire another dog trainer!