About The Practical Pet Protocol

About the Practical Pet Protocol

Across over 20 United States markets, we’ve noticed an alarming trend: over 50% of our clients have already attended group classes, yet their dogs are still experiencing dog behavior problems.

We designed the Practical Pet Protocol using our understanding of dog behavior and how problems develop. The Protocol is intended to teach you how to prevent your dog from developing behavior problems in the first place, and how to use standard obedience commands (such as sit, down, stay, heel) to teach your dog better behaviors.

Our Protocol aims to put everything in context; for example, we’ll teach you how to teach your dog to sit, and how to use sit to teach good behavior patterns in real life situations!

The Practical Pet Protocol is appropriate for any dog who needs to learn basic obedience. Dogs with basic manners issues are welcome in class, but the class environment is not appropriate for a dog with behavior problems. If that’s you, that’s okay – contact us for in-home dog training! 

About the Dog Trainers

Our dog trainers are all certified through Canine Trade Group as professional dog trainers. They are all full-time dog trainers who specialize in resolving dog behavior problems through in-home dog training. Realizing a need for functional obedience classes, CTG trainers have expanded to include the Practical Pet Protocol group classes to their list of services.

CTG trainers and Practical Pet Protocol classes are in 21 markets across the U.S. Each trainer is equally passionate about using these classes to teach every day dog owners how to prevent behavior problems before they begin! Find your local trainer here.

About Canine Trade Group

Canine Trade Group is a national network of professional dog trainers. We are united in our approach to dog training, and our commitment to professionalism and ethics. Each certified Canine Trade Group trainer is personally mentored by John Van Olden, a professional dog trainer with nearly three decades of extremely successful training experience.